dissabte, 28 d’octubre de 2017

My school

My school is a beautiful, big, old building called Sant Bonaventura, and is situated in a town in the north-east of Majorca. It has 150 years of history. It has facilities for students, from kindergarten to secondary school.

We don’t have too many strict rules in our school. But there are some ones that are very important, for example: you can’t use your phone at the school, you can’t go to the bathroom when you are in class, and you must bring your school diary every day.

Our timetable is divided into six hours, in which we have a lot of interesting subjects. My favourites are English and Geography. But there are two subjects that you can choose, like Classical Culture, or German. The school always give us all the material we need, so we don’t have to buy hardly anything.

We also have a lot of teachers, mostly women, who teach, guide and always help us with what we need. The school has a headmaster for the whole school, and a head of studies for primary and one for secondary. We just have one class for each grade. It’s a family-type school!

My school has a very nice big church inside. That’s why it has a religious influence. It’s also important to say that there are friars that are living in the school in rooms above the cloisters. It’s very interesting! Because of this and for many more things I love my school!

diumenge, 17 de setembre de 2017

dissabte, 1 d’octubre de 2016

Intense and active week

This week, in the school, has been very active, fun, intense and interesting in the English and PE lessons.
My group class have prepared a flasmob in which we were the teachers of the dancing and we have been practicing in the hours of physical education and English.
Also, another activity for this project consisted on decorating T-shirts of Erasmus+ with sentences to motivate people and  all the class wore those -T-shirts. We also made some posters where we wrote sentences with hashtags to motivate children, teachers… and this posters are hung in the school.
What I felt when they told us what we would do was a feeling of excitement, joy and fun. It was great to be part of something important that will motivate people to do sport and have a healthy life.


divendres, 18 de setembre de 2015